More than two decades ago Pioneer Industries, Inc. created the Preferred Vendor ProgramSM (PVP) to help a select group of manufacturers support the demand for military spares. Today we are helpingĀ more than one hundred (100) manufacturers, both large and small.

Flexible to your Needs

All of these manufacturers are now more efficient in quoting and selling their military spares because of their relationship with Pioneer and our PVP. There is only one military solicitation; only one order can be placed. With Pioneer on your side, there will be only one request for price...eliminating risk and redundancy.

The number of small brokers increased sharply after 1994, when Congress stopped requiring government contractors to certify they were authorized distributors. [They] receive little or no oversight. Hundreds are now operating...out of basements and second bedrooms. Officials at the [DLA] said they don't inspect brokers or conduct background checks. "Is there risk? Yes, there is risk" - BusinessWeek

Pioneer's Preferred Vendor ProgramSM has been providing solutions from the assembly line to the front line protecting manufacturers and the end user. We provide the service our military community deserves!

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