COLUMBUS, OH - Pioneer Industries has been honored with the Bronze DLA Land and Maritime Recognition for Excellence Award for 2012.  The selection of this award was based upon the excellent performance measured by the Automated Best Value System (ABVS), as well as other criteria such as business ethics, integrity, among other factors.  This is the third consecutive year Pioneer has received a Recognition for Excellence Award from the Defense Logistics Agency.


FARMINGDALE, NY - Over the last few months, members of Pioneer Industries, Inc. have attended several industry trade shows, including Modern Day Marine, The International WorkBoat Show, and AUSA.  These shows have given Pioneer an opportunity to connect with new vendors and continue to build relationships with our current vendors.  While attending these shows members of Pioneer received inside knowledge involving new products, technologies, mergers, and collaborations among the elite manufacturers in the industry.

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The 29th annual Army Ten-Miler bounding through Washington D.C. on October 20th, 2013 was put on by the Military District of Washington (MDW).  Starting in 1985 with only 1300 finishers, this year’s race had a turnout of over 25,000 competitors comprising of active and retired Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force as well as corporate and charity sponsored athletes and individuals, all of whom enjoy the love of the sport and majesty of the event.

Sites seen along the way included the Pentagon, Arlington National Cemetery, The White House, Watergate, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial and both the Arlington and George Mason Memorial Bridges crossing over the Potomac River.

“I have been competing for 13 years, and this was by far the largest event I have ever raced in, in terms of both popularity and prestige.  Always feeling like a team player both in my personal and professional life, I have never before experienced the bond I felt with my fellow runners that day.  I lost count of all the ‘good job’ and ‘keep strong’ cheers from everyone I passed or who passed me, no matter how tired or out of breath they were.  Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, warriors, survivors – all strangers, but through our common struggle I felt united with them.  The Army-Ten Miler was more than a race, it was a reminder to those of us at home about those who are off defending our freedom.  Like a race, their fight is both individual and for the greater good of a ‘team.’  I have never felt more proud and honored to be part of ‘team’ USA.”  


Tara’s Final Finish Time:  1:12:35

Overall Place: 

1702 / 25962  

Top 7%

Gender Place: 

223 / 12005   

Top 2%

Division Place:

(25-29 Age Group)

66 / 2002    

Top 4%         


NORWELL, MA - Pioneer Industries, Inc. continues its support and partnership with Cell Phones for Soldiers by now offering an iPhone Buyback program.  This new fundraising initiative allows people to sell an iPhone and get paid while the charity generates funds to support the mission.  People can also choose to donate 100% of the proceeds from the buyback to Cell Phones for Soldiers.  Regardless of the choice, Cell Phones for Soldiers benefits from each sale.

ALBANY, NY - The efforts of Pioneer's National Sales Manager were successful. The members of Congress requesting the reduction in the carrier force structure withdrew their proposed amendment HR 2397, the Department of Defense Appropriations Act for Fiscal Year 2014, that would have prohibited the use of funds that provides a minimum of 11 aircraft carriers.